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What is the MARC pro plus unit?

The MARC pro plus unit is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. The MARC pro plus is used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder waist back neck, upper extremities, and lower extremities due to strain from exercise and normal household and work activities.

Is it FDA Approved? 


How does the MARC pro assist in muscle recovery?

To start we identify the muscle that you are concerned about or you want to condition. We help to address an assist in the recovery of that specific muscle fasccia tissue. Think about a weak Link in the muscle. Muscle tissue can become convoluted and strained from normal daily activities, exercise, high-intensity sport and other non physical activities like sitting at a desk. The muscle stim unit works its way into the dense muscle tissue disrupting the convoluted painful sensitive tissue. This therapy assists in fascia & skeletal muscle relaxation. The stim unit works on the vascularity at the level of the epidermis into the superficial parts of the deeper dermal layers. The electrodes stimulate the nervous system of the  vascularity can increase blood flow, capillary flow, redistribute waste in those areas and also get things moving faster with less impedance to normal vascular healthy circulation.

In the videos below we demonstrate how the MARC pro unit works. The electrodes are placed on a specific area of concern. we make sure to get you into a comfortable relaxed position. In the relaxed position we start from a low-intensity and slowly work our way up to higher intensity of the stem unit. When we get to the desired intensity we will stop increasing and continue on that same intensity until the muscle or you feel relaxed. Then, we will either leave it at that intensity for the duration of the session to make sure that that muscle is 100% relaxed or we will increase the intensity slowly in order to get the desired effect.

After the session I will stretch you out to make sure that we finish lengthening and redistributing the muscle tissue and everything else. The goal is to loosen up or attempt to loosen up all that stubborn muscle fascia & dense convoluted tissue with precision. Following every session you will receive a follow up call/text to judge whether the session was effective or not. We will never leave you disappointed or discouraged. Our program is the future of fast recovery.  

Each session with the Marc pro will be $50 per session. We will travel to you or you can travel to us. Yes $50 offer is a special offer since the therapy is new.

You can sign up at www.atlasfoamroller.com/myrecovery or go to the MindBody APP and look up Stretch Therapy Dallas. You can easily find us there! See you soon!

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