Why Foam Roll & Stretch Everyday?

Stretch Therapy Dallas Our ideas, methods and science is based on the Stretch Therapy program out of Dallas, Tx. The Stretch Therapy session Sunday (08/05/18) focused on a few areas that clients complained about. The first focus was low back (sacral area), IT-band and finally focused on the scapular area of the upper back. At the end […]

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Why A Smooth Non-Textured Foam Roller Is Preferred

  “We can all agree a smooth car ride is more enjoyable than a bumpy inconsistent trip to your favorite destination. Foam rolling should be an extremely enjoyable experience, that is why smooth instead of textured rollers are still #1.”  Mark Harman Throughout my journey to find the best foam rolling & back pain therapy […]

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Foam Rolling Benefits

Clients, friends & customers are always asking me, “how did you get into foam rolling?” My answer is simple and complex at the same time. There was nothing special or unique about the first time I discovered foam rolling. I was a 28 year old overweight paramedic, biology major and an ex-athlete at that time. […]

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2016 USA Olympic Athlete Review

ellenkercher After a singlet Saturday workout at #etsu rolling out with my [email protected]_foam_roller for maximum recovery! So many exercises and stretches you can do with this kind of roller. 👌🏻 Read more and see her profile Here. #crossfit #weightlifting#olympicweightlifting #Lift4Him#girlswholift #strength #fitness #snatch#jerk #girlsthatlift #athlete#usaweightlifting   

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