Why You Should Focus on Stretching & Foam Rolling in 2019

Injury begins and ends with bad habits that are formed over a long period of time. As active people, working professionals, athletes, mothers and fathers we tend to ignore the signs & symptoms related to pre-injury potential until it is too late. Understanding and identifying the reason you were injured is not as important as the steps you should take to lift yourself out of the compromised state of injury.Factors that play a role in pre-injury include; Over training, poor [...]

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How The Foam Rolling Trend Is Catching On

The Atlas Foam Roller represents American ingenuity at its best. Its quality unique features, and ease of use make it by far one the best foam rollers in the market. So what is it? Well, a foam roller helps with something called self-myofascial release.  Basically, it’s self-massage for your muscles, to help with tension, knots and […]

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