Why Foam Roll & Stretch Everyday?

Stretch Therapy Dallas Our ideas, methods and science is based on the Stretch Therapy program out of Dallas, Tx. The Stretch Therapy session Sunday (08/05/18) focused on a few areas that clients complained about. The first focus was low back (sacral area), IT-band and finally focused on the scapular area of the upper back. At the end […]

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Focus On Stretching & Foam Rolling in 2018

Health benefits of foam rolling? ​ You have a in-home & in-office solution to your back pain or general muscle pain(s). Improved posture while maintaining best possible daily posture alignment. Dilates blood vessels  that increases overall circulatory health, keeps blood pressure down, brings more oxygen to damaged/inflamed muscle tissue. Prevent back pain from creeping up […]

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The Best Time To Foam Roll & Why Foam Rolling Matters

Over the past year and a half my clients would commonly ask me many questions related to the health benefits & technical yet vague theories that are known or are currently being investigated related to the health benefits of foam rolling. As a burgeoning professional of self-myofasical release at those early stages I did not […]

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