We utilize high quality state of he art tools & methods that assist in healing musculoskeletal tissue. Our methods focus on all layer of the dermal stratum. Other methods include, Qi Gong or Nai Gong Massage, Reflexology and Myofascial pressure massage that releases knotted up muscle tissue. Additionally, The Stretch Therapy program is located in the DFW area. After a single session our clients are benefiting from the unique Stretch Therapy methods & philosophy that guarantees more flexibility with a reduction in pain. Some are feeling a significant reduction from past injuries, some are touching their toes for the first time while most fall under the endorphin induced rush of relaxation. Clients can reach further, twist more, breathe better and they report simple “I feel so much better!” Many experiences are unique & some are shared. Universally, the entire class is having fun, feel more flexible and most importantly they typically report feeling stress free after a 60 min session.

lazy life causes injury

My original goal was to give each client at least 2.5-5” of flexibility after a single session. Over the past 4 years the focus has evolved to give them some pain reduction & joint related tension relief. Recently, I have been integrating in Qi-Gong style breathing & muscle movements to improve joint/spine flexibility. Additionally, I teach the classes & private clients about the importance of postural awareness The goal is for clients to leave the session with more flexibility, feel less pain a specified area & a leave with huge smile!
We teach simple & complex stretch methods. These methods benefit all clients that have sustained an injury, chronic musculoskeletal stiffness or obscure muscle & joint discomfort. At the end of a 55-min session we compare a before picture to the after-session photo. We examine the photos and send them to you so you have an idea of where your postural problem areas are.

Stretch Therapy will address all of your complaints & we will work hard so that you are feeling 100%. Whether you are an athlete, veteran, active, non-active or just looking for a relaxing stretch session we cater to You! Our program addresses upper and lower back pain, compromised range of motion, post-surgical muscle loss or joint compromise, spinal fusion related concerns, those that do not like flat floor stretching or massage, all types of chronic injury, spinal stenosis and those just looking for the highest quality stretch therapy session you will find in the DFW area!

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