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FAQ About This Class

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions and answers.

Where is Stretch Therapy Located?

Foam Rolling Fitness & Stretch Therapy is located at or inside Diesel Fitness Dallas. Unfortunately there is no sign as of yet but look for the Diesel Fitness sign off of Lemmon Ave traveling towards uptown Dallas. Diesel Fitness is right across the street from Mutts Dog Park.

When I Arrive Where Do I Park & Is Parking Free?

Great news! Parking is Free! At Diesel Fitness 2901 Cityplace West Blvd #110 Dallas, Tx 75204 there is an attached parking garage that you can park in. Also, there are other spots along side the building that you are able to park.

How Do I Pay For A Session or Can I Purchase Sessions For a Discount?

Each individual group session is $20/hr per person. If you go to “Shop” you can find sessions that are greater than 4 sessions that offer discounts. Discounts are $5-$10 off per session depending on the number of sessions you are interested in.

Private Sessions are $70/hr per individual. We do train couples at that same price. Similar rules apply regarding discount pricing. All RSVP’s require a Credit/Debit card holding transaction. You will not be charged until you complete the session. Check the “Shop” tab for single session and bulk session purchases.

Do You Have a Location for Private Sessions?

All “In Studio” private sessions are held at 910 Texas St Dallas, Tx 75204. They have a large private room in the fitness area that is perfect for all services available.

We also travel to you! That means for no extra cost we can train or stretch you out at your home, work or even possibly your hotel gym!

How Long Has Stretch Therapy Been Around?

We have been practicing and developing Stretch Therapy for close to 3 years! Our Story is very unique. Click here to learn about the Stretch Therapy Beginnings.

Can I Purchase the Equipment That I Used?

All equipment can be purchased. What is great about purchasing direct is that you avoid shipping charges and we offer discounts for members.

What Days Do You Teach Group & Private Sessions?

All groups sessions are on Sunday at 4:30 pm and Monday Morning at 6 am. Soon we will at a 3 pm slot on Sunday since Stretch Therapy is filling up each week.

All Private Sessions are scattered at specific times throughout the week so check the online schedule for available slots.

Stretch Therapy Schedule

Group Session (Diesel Fitness)$20 (Discount Packages Available)Every Sunday 4:30 pm & Monday 6am
Private Session (In Studio/Travel)$70 (Discount Packages Available)Mon-Sunday (check availability)
Stretch Massage 30 (In Studio only)$30 (30-min session)Mon-Sunday (check availability)
Stretch Massage 60 (In Studio/Travel)$55 (60-min session)Mon-Sunday (check availability)
 Professional AppearanceNegotiatedAppointment only (email/call)

How Far Do You Travel For Private Sessions?

We can travel within 30 miles of Downtown Dallas as for as Fort Worth, Frisco & Mckinney