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Stretch Therapy Dallas based therapy for back pain & injury recovery Dallas

Mobile Stretch Therapy Training (We Travel To You)


  • Foam Rolling & Body Twist Instruction
  • Personalized Stretch Therapy Plan
  • Stretch Bar Instruction
  • Injury Recovery – InjuryIdentification
  • Stress Relief – Deep Breathing
  • Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief


Product Description

Are you located in a hotel, home, favorite gym, work or outside at your favorite park? We will meet you to roll, twist and stretch your tired muscles out! Our services include:

  1. Posture Assessment
  2. ROM Assessment
  3. Tailored Stretch Therapy Session
  4. Deep Myofascial Release Massage
  5. Deep Stretch
  6. Spine Twist Stretch
  7. Stretching Home Workout Plans
  8. Other Tailored Services
  9. Electo Therapy
  10. Cold Therapy

We have developed a Stretch Therapy experience effective and most importantly you see fast results. Unlike any of the other Stretch Therapy Studios, ours offers the only Stretch Therapy Bar experience! The other typical stretching & foam rolling studios are not as advanced as we have become over the past 4 years. The Stretch Therapy Method was developed from the 100’s of Class Pass members we have seen over the past 4 years. Our clients are addicted to the delivered results.

Stretch Therapy combines the best of foam rolling, stretching and body twisting methods that have been proven to work. We seek to achieve therapeutically driven muscle & joint manipulation techniques that aid in muscle lengthening, while also draining interstitial inflammation. Most clients report “feeling refreshed,” “Awake,” and “feel taller” after one or more sessions.

We offer our clients access to the only patented handheld foam roller & Stretch Therapy Bar in the world; no studio in the entire world has access the Stretch Therapy Bar! Most importantly, what makes this experience so unique is the unique Stretch Therapy protocol based methods that guides our use of the Atlas Stretch Therapy deep tissue muscle manipulating tools. Each session is extremely unique. You never get the same expected experience twice!

Call: 972-804-4310

Email : [email protected]




Additional Information


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