Hemp Clip Ankle & Wrist Exercise Straps


100% Hemp 1×24” webbing with clip in feature:

  • Resistant to mold and UV ray breakdown

  • Longer lasting and stronger than synthetic webbing

  • Black Hemp Webbing

  • Washable (hemp webbing softens after each wash while retaining tensile strength)

  • 2 looped ends with reinforced stitching

  • 2- 5” foam wrist hugging pads for optimal comfort and protection

  • 2-carabineer with spare included

  • Tested for durability for over a year

  • 1 year warranty ( faulty stitching, carabineer malfunction, faulty webbing)

  • Warranty does not include normal wear and tear

  • Hypoallergenic hemp webbing (non scratchy)

  • No added chemicals to enhance or preserve fibers

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Product Description

The Hemp clip straps are not your more traditional exercise and lifting straps. These straps are unique only to this online store! They are both traditional lifting straps and straps you can secure around your wrists and ankles, allowing you to “clip-into” cable machines! These unique straps are made from a tough fibrous material called HEMP.

Hemp has been known to be some of the strongest fibers on earth. Hemp webbing does in fact out-perform traditional cotton, vinyl and polyester straps. These Hemp Grip Exercise Straps are 2 inches longer than traditional straps, which allow the user to feel more hand/palm comfort under the steel bars or barbell weights. Also, 2 carabineer clips are included which allow you to experience a unique way of lifting. The hemp straps are supported with a foam cushion that rests just over the top of your wrist. The foam padding protects your wrist from abrasive forces of the webbing material/design. The foam also keeps the straps from acting as a tourniquet during increased fiber tension. I failed to mention the straps just look good while performing even better! Don’t look for a steel bar and carabineer again. With these Hemp Clips you can tie directly into cable pulley machines to work out your, biceps, chest, triceps, shoulders, glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings, deltoids and more….

These strong yet comfortable straps will do the job that you expect them to do, while also giving you a less abrasive feel throughout heavy use and abuse. As a matter of fact, I frequently use these unique hemp straps along with the hemp grip exercise straps throughout my rigorous workouts.

Are your Weightlifting straps falling apart and are in need of new ones? Why not try hemp fiber to support your exercise pursuits!

Additional Information

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Dimensions24 × 6 × 6 in

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