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foam roller with handles for total control of back pain and flexibility

Med Density Atlas Foam Roller

  • Handheld Foam Roller
  • More Foam Roller Control
  • Double Reinforced Lightweight Design
  • Stretch Therapy Tested 
  • Over 100 YouTube Videos
  • Release Muscle Tension Fast!
  • Patented Foam Roller Design
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lumbar support and high density foam roller for back pain relief combo pack

Atlas Foam Roller (18″) + Foam Atlas Pad Lumbar, Neck, Knee Support (18″)

$84.99 $94.99

6×18″ Atlas Foam Roller

3×18″ Half Foam Roller (Atlas Pad)

Tailbone & Kneeling Support

Lumbar & Neck Support

Back Pain Relief

Improve ROM

Lightweight & Easy To Clean

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