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Oct, 10 2018

My Professional Resume

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Company Name: Advance ER

Dates Employed: May 2017 – Present

Employment Duration 1 yr 6 mos

Location Dallas/Fort Worth Area

At Advance Er I am responsible for greeting the patients in triage and taking vital signs along with the aid of a nurse , radiology tech & MD. We work as a small yet efficient 4 man/woman team to ensure that the patient remains in stable condition before leaving our location or being transferred out to a high level acuity care. Furthermore, my other responsibilities are obtaining 12 lead ecg,starting all IV’s, lab draws, lab processing, sending out labs, bandaging/splinting and some Rx administration.



Company Name: Acadian Ambulance

Dates Employed: Oct 2014 – Present

Employment Duration: 4 yrs 1 mo

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Area


Company NameRY Medical Staffing Inc.

Dates Employed: May 2014 – Present

Employment Duration 4 yrs 6 mos

Location Dallas

Patient care, preparing patients for CT/MRI scans. Clinic emergencies. IV’s. Assisting in MRI and CT when needed, charting, maintaining appropriate levels of stock in clinic, narcotic count.Administration of medications for clinical exams. IV hydration.

Edit position Owner-Trainer-group fitness and Recovery Coach: Reorder position Owner-Trainer-group fitness and Nutrition Coach


Owner-Trainer-group fitness and Stretch Therapy Coach

Company NameLiving Organically Valuing Exercise LLC.

Dates Employed; May 2014 – Present

Employment Duration: 4 yrs 6 mos

Location : Dallas/Fort Worth Area

As a growing leader in the exercise and nutrition industry I exercise people into physically fit shape,guide their daily nutritional needs while I drive their cognitive insecurities towards an inspired direction. In my field I teach about proper lifting technique and execution. I also teach my clients how to use a foam roller to stretch out their muscles that are under constant life related … See more



Company Name: Cook Children’s Health Care System

Dates Employed: Nov 2013 – Apr 2014

Employment Duration: 6 mos

As a paramedic in the ER my duties were similar to Medical City Dallas. Paramedics were responsible for observing when oral medication administration was due, labs/IV’s needed to be done, and any other order the doctor prescribed for the patient. We worked in fast track triage gathering vital signs, a rapid assessment, and Tylenol or Motrin administration if needed… See more


As a paramedic my duties included initiating a “work up” on a patient, whether a pediatric patient or an adult patient. I start intravenous lines, draw blood, analyze the blood through our STAT diagnostic machines, I obtain urine for a urinalysis, step tests, and perform 12-lead EKG’s. When the patient is stabilized we transport the patient to the floor or unit Another aspect of my duties include bandaging and splinting pediatric patients and adult patients. That includes de-breeding the wound, and developing a strategy to isolate the wound from contamination. I have become proficient in splinting patients. Splinting includes knowing how to properly align the patient’s limbs and joints while the ortho-glass sets in and hardens to air. The positions we splint patients in are posterior, short, long- posterior, sugar-tong, ulnar gutter, thumb spica, aluminum finger, and finally an above or below the knee stirrup.

Triage is another place that I have experience in. This includes pediatric care. We observe patients that are in distress as a level 1-5 and assist the nursing staff in deciding appropriate triage designations. Pediatric psychiatric cases are robust in our emergency room along with trauma, and common viral, congenital, and cancerous diseases


As an EMT at TLC I primarily drove an ambulance, picked up patients and took them to their scheduled appointments. At this company I was exposed to 911 calls on occasion in the city of Seagoville and Balch Springs, TX. We assessed patient at the scene of the call, and before passing patient care over to a nurse or a doctor at receiving facility. Our duties included, assisting the paramedic on duty with vital signs, 02 therapy, patient location, driving, logistics, and cover of the 911 districts


The University of Texas at Dallas


The University of Texas at Dallas

Degree NameBachelor of Science (BS)

Field Of StudyBiology/Biological Sciences, General

Dates attended or expected graduation2010 – 2013

Edit education Brookhaven Community College


Brookhaven Community College

Degree Name Certification

Field Of StudyEmergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)

Dates attended or expected graduation2005 – 2007

Other Professional Awards:


  1. Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC (owner) :

  2. Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC (owner) :

  3. Inventor and patent holder for the Atlas Foam Roller

  4. Created the Stretch Therapy Program out of Dallas, Tx

  5. Amazon Prime Seller (Atlas Foam Roller Therapy)

  6. Hold an ACLS, BLS and PALS certification for life saving measures.