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In Dallas Looking To Purchase Your First or Next Foam Roller?

ATLAS Roller in Motion


Only buy from the best Handcrafted High to Medium Density Foam Rollers that are crafted out of Dallas,Tx. These High Quality Rollers are tested and have been proven effective through the stretch Therapy program out of Dallas, Tx. These rollers are so effective we have yet to receive a return order for lower than expected quality or simply because they did not like it. Our clients and customers love foam rolling & we want you to be just as obsessed about the health benefits of self-myofascial release & massage. As you are looking around online or all over Dallas for the perfect foam roller, remember that we are the experts. We will tell you whether a buy is good or whether you are just burning up hard earned cash.  

  1. Smooth foam rollers are superior to textured foam rollers.
  2. Do not purchase a roller that you can see through the center or the main center diameter covers a larger circumference vs the foam housing it.
  3. Do not purchase a large roller under $30. 
  4. For you back, the foam roller should be a minimum of 5″ – 6″ in diameter. 
  5. All vibrating foam rollers are overpriced and worthless. They lose charge very fast and are too dense. 
  6. It is okay and preferred to purchase 2 different types of foam rollers. Check out our product for that example. ie. A smooth and textured combo or a med density and high density roller.
  7. Remember, you can use the roller for your lower back and spine. 
  8. Foam rollers are not dangerous and you will not hurt yourself other than maybe your ego. 
  9. Make sure you get a roller that is appropriate for your back size & overall comfort. If you are uncomfortable foam rolling, then the Med Density roller may be best to start with. 
  10. Try to stick to purchasing rollers that are made in USA! Other rollers that are made in other countries like China are contaminated with toxic heavy metals. 

Introduction To Our Small Company Out of Dallas, Texas

ATLAS Roller in Motion

Looking for a high quality foam roller for your business? Our passion is foam rolling & the Art of Recovery. We are the best! Our passion & expertise as a Foam Rolling & Stretch Therapy manufacturing company is evolving everyday. All of our rollers and Stretch Therapy equipment is handcrafted out of Dallas, Tx. We test all of our rollers & stretching equipment through the Stretch Therapy program at an Uptown Dallas studio. Our clients give us honest real-time feedback that assists in the crafting of the recovery equipment.

Stretch Therapy is defined as “the utilization and integration of recovery tools with effective methodologies.” We  take the most effective methods from proven wellness programs like yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Reflexology, massage therapy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic therapy & meditation. The muscle massage tools are useless without effective instruction & quality testing. How do I know? All I have to do is look around at the quality with which the industry offers compared the quality, Stretch Therapy Tested tools we produce.

When traveling around Dallas over the past 4 years, I notice that many or maybe most people that are exercising, stretching and rolling are either “not doing it at all,” or “not performing the moves in an effective way.” You do not have to spend 10-15 min rolling out or finding that sweet spot with our rollers. Our rollers and Stretch Therapy tools cut right to the target area. After heavy use our rollers show very little signs of wear and tear. The only observable difference is the vinyl stickers that advertise our brand. Those stickers can be removed.

Who Is the Inventor?

My name is Mark Harman the inventor of the Atlas Roller & Stretch Therapy method. As a 10 yr veteran paramedic I strive to live up to the oath I took to “do no wrong” and to “help no matter the situation” I face. Those ethics and values drives my passion in delivering high quality yet very effective foam rolling equipment.

As a 10 year paramedic I have seen that many of my patients have preventable back pain complaints. Years ago I set out to become more flexible to improve my gains as a bodybuilder, while also setting goals to improve overall flexibility. As I used recovery equipment in hotel fitness centers, my local gym or other wellness therapy centers  I realized & was frankly disappointed in the quality of the “high quality standards that the industry had accepted. The soft rollers were too soft and the high density were too tough on my back. Textured rollers felt like driving on a bumpy road. Smooth non-textured foam rollers are the preferred choice by many or most that I have surveyed.

Who We Are 

All of our rollers & stretching equipment are handcrafted with very sophisticated methods.  Our clients and customers will always have the ability to “pop-out” or “bust-up” stubborn musculoskeletal tension at the level of the lower vertebral region or any other sought out area. Muscle relaxation is always achieved with excellent control through the Stretch Therapy methodology. The results and release are rapid, yet sustained. Interestingly, our customers commonly experience a daily “muscle realignment” similar to that of chiropractic or deep tissue massage therapy. Finally, users report a definite improvement in their core abdominal muscles. The core is strengthened though the 5- 10 minute foam rolling daily routine.

  • Foam Rollers produce and stimulate HEALTHY MUSCLE growth 
  • If used properly Improve Flexibility & Range of Motion
  •  High Density Foam Rollers are great for deep myofascial release methods
  • Improve recovery effort rolling out before or after Exercise, Yoga & general exercise
  • Foam Muscle Rollers helps to relieve Muscles Tension and back tension
  • Foam Rollers help to increase endorphin release and tissue oxygenation
  • Foam rollers are great for angle positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education,
  • improve spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination,
  • ranging and strengthening your core for all activities, indoor and outdoor.

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“You can use a high quality foam roller for self-massage or self myofascial release therapy affordably every single day. The foam rolling methods we have mastered will in-fact alleviate back pain, neck strain, sciatica inflammation and fibromyalgia discomfort. We guarantee everything”


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Back & Neck Pain Relief

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Deep Fascial Massage

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Why Foam Rolling matters every single day

Fast Injury Recovery

Our methods are proven to help you recover from common musculoskeletal injuries. We work with chiropractors, other trainers, nutritionist and other recovery specialists. Our Stretch Therapy Methods stand out above the rest.

When other programs have failed to yield the results that they have promised, our methods are as effective as stated. We have seen over 500 clients in 4 years and have sold over 1000 rollers. Trust the Stretch Therapy methods.


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Hit Core Training

We also offer HIT Core Fitness & Endurance training. A Healthy core will improve posture, decrease back pain, improve neck tension and assist in strengthening your spine.


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About the Author : Mark H.

Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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