Overcome Feeling Stiff & Tired Everyday With Natural Remedies

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Do you wake up everyday feeling tight or just feeling older than dirt? Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff or tight all the time? Have you been able to touch your toes or are you able to touch the ground as you age? When you go to work are you sitting at a desk constantly shifting left to right while doing small little back adjustments because the back pain is unbearable? Does that back pain interfere with the quality of work that you do? Are you going to the gym and suffering through your workout because the aches and pains are unbearable as you progress through your workout? Are you grimacing through every single type of movement during exercise? Finally, are you going home in waking up the next morning more sore than ever before thus you can’t stop feeling like s***.

Your sedentary lifestyle is the cause of most of your muscluloskeletal problems. A sedentary lifestyle is more harmful to your health than smoking a pack of cigarettes every single day. American toxic lifestyle has been a dominating occurrence and phenomenon of poor health in the 21st century. Obesity related diseases are definitely on the rise for both adult and the youth population. Kids are staring down at their phone so often that they are developing permanent fixated musculoskeletal disorders that are directly related to habitually poor posture combined with inadequate aerobic and anaerobic daily activity.    

Is your chronic sedentary lifestyle due to more tech jobs or the rise in the computing working class? Are we sitting down too much while entertaining ourselves with tech too often? Many people, kids included will sit and stare at those tiny little screens losing track of valuable time that cannot be recovered like a cache file can. Are you more sedentary because you are commuting longer distances from the urban or suburban areas to the city to work? Or is it a combination of pure laziness related to too much tech, too much complacency, too much driving, far too much entertainment and too much giving in two a couch with a glass of wine? There is a way out of that “I feel like s*** everyday!”

There are natural remedies and there are other daily healthy habits that you may not be aware of that can aid in more flexibility, better range of motion while living a pain free life. Below are some ideas on how you can get out of that dangerous cycle of reduced flexibility that leads to muscle wasting disease that ultimately leads to diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia (muscle wasting), heart disease and eventually cancer. I have listed out some of the natural ways to help heal your body from chronic inflammation that leads to joint pain, chronic back pain, chronic generalized pain that leaves the body feeling stiff dust making you feel like s*** everyday. These suggestions are not cures for your current condition. They only help to improve range of motion by increasing the threshold of pain while opening musculoskeletal channels that aid in the self-healing process. Some of these methods will work & some will not work . Some of them will work better than others yet they come with close to zero harmful side effects. They are all healthy and come with very low risk.

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Before you read off the list ask yourself these simple questions; how much is my well being worth? How important is it to be “healthy functional” every single day? How much has it cost me in productivity?  Do I want to go on that fun trip hiking, swimming, enjoying active concerts, being engaged on fun family trips and other active lifestyle related events? Do you want to interact with your friends & family without feeling the cumbersome nature of immobility & joint pain? And do you want to be addicted to drugs that eventually will destroy your metabolism? Again, these are all well thought out suggestions, not cures, but suggestions that will help improve your overall quality of life:

1. Foam Rolling (low cost)

2. Stretching (very low cost)

3. Yoga (mid-range cost)

4. Pilates (mid-range cost)

5. Cryotherapy (mid-range cost)

6. IV hydration (high cost)

7. Acupuncture (mid-range cost)

8. Muscle Massage (mid-range cost)

9. Reiki (low cost)

10. Qi Gong (low cost)

11. Chiropractor (mid-range cost)

12. CBD Therapy (mid to high range cost)

13. Anti-inflammatory Supplements

14. Meditation (very low cost)

15. Salt Soak (very low cost)

16. General Hydration (almost free)

17. Muscle Stimulation Therapy (mid-high cost)

18. Stem-Cell Therapy (high cost)

19. Tai-Chi Martial Arts (low cost)

20. Combination of All

Individually these services can be expensive! Some range from $10 per session to over $4k per treatment (Stem Cell therapy). How do you access these therapies & studios in an affordable way? There are online programs & memberships out there that you can sign up for such as Dallas based StudioHop, Groupon and ClassPass. If you sign up for two out of the three just mentioned you won’t need to scour around the internet for programs that are offered in your area! If you are in the Dallas area StudioHop is an affordable membership that gives you access to many of the services mentioned. Additionally we suggest you search for recovery products through your favorite platforms like Amazon, Etsy and of course our website Atlasfoamroller.com. Best of all, our products and services come with ZERO side effects! Just feel good amazing results!

Shop Our Foam Rollers and learn more by Subscribing to our YouTube Channel

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Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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