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How To Use A Lacrosse Ball For Muscle Tension Relief in Glutes

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In this video I’m demonstrating how to roll out the glutes and the Calves while including stretch throughout the session. It is important that you release the tension in the glutes and in the upper hamstrings in order to maximize overall flexibility. This is an activity that can be done daily or weekly. There is no time limit to the amount of area you roll out however make sure that you assess whether your body tells you this is a pleasurable or a non pleasurable movement.

What you are looking for our signs such as either dull pain, uncomfortable pain for general massage type of pain.Is the pain acceptable or not?. The pain that you need to watch out for is stinging, tingling and general increasing numbness in that area. Additionally while rolling out you may feel slight numbness from a glutes down to the thigh and calves however unless the numbness increases throughout the session do not worry about spontaneous numbness in the lower leg. If the numbness persist please discontinue the move stretch out without the assistance of the lacrosse ball and small roller. This move improves the distracting   side effects from the discomfort related to sciatica issues & improves circulation from those that sit at a desk job all day. These moves & methods are effective however, they should not be used to cure any type of muscle skeletal disease or disorder. This move is utilized to prevent and give temporary relief for those areas of concern.

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Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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