Health Benefits Of Deep High Quality Stretching in 2019

moves, stretch lower body, stretch hips, stretch hamstrings

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In this video we are demonstrating how The Stretch bar can be utilized for overall support of recovery and inducing more flexibility while giving you relief from muscle tension and pain relief. In Stretch bar is a muscle and joint manipulator it helps to increase the length of muscle tissue that is either convoluted, condensed into a knot or adhesion and overall excites the muscle to release growth factors that are embedded deep within the muscle.

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About the Author : Mark H.

Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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