Stretching & Foam Rolling is the Healthiest Focus in 2018


My Lifestyle Focuses On Wellness vs Western

Over the past 5 years I have focused on a non-traditional lifestyle enriched plan. Much of my success is from thr Anti-high Fructose-low-gluten-real-food-vs-fake-food” plan that is a lifestyle that is sustainable & healthy. In addition to my healthy lifestyle focus I rely on natural healing essential oils, deep relaxing meditation techniques, Qi-gong,  foam rolling coupled to deep stretching are all my go to for stress release.

This year the fitness & wellness industry has taken an unexpected leap. The quality of options, supplements, services, science & education have captured everyone’s attention. More people are talking about essential oils, yoga, meditation, organic foods & foam rolling vs. laughing at those who were doing it regularly. Natural healing WORKS!  High quality homeopathic remedies & methods work for everyone with zero side effects yielding all the benefits of a stronger mind-body coupled to a healthier soul. The two categories that you must maintain focus on this year to maintain a healthy spine & muscle metabolism are simply foam rolling & deep tissue stretching. But, you do stretch! You foam roll! You do those things. Before you shrug off these suggestions just ask yourself these basic questions:

  1. How many times & how long are you stretching per day/per week?
  2. How many times & how long do you foam roll per day/per week?
  3. Do you stretch or foam roll before your workout or after your workout?
  4. Why do you stretch? Why do you foam roll?
  5. Is stretching better than foam rolling? or is foam rolling better than stretching?
  6. What types of tools do you use to modify stretching & foam rolling routine?  Meaning, do you spice it up?
  7. Are you having muscle/joint issues with your yoga class, pilates session, spin class, Crossfit lifts, powerlifting intensity, bodybuilding gains?
  8. Have you tried a group foam rolling & stretch therapy class to learn more moves?
  9. Do you think your performance can be improved by simply foam rolling & stretching every single day?
  10. Are your goals complete?



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About the Author : Mark H.

Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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