Art of Stretch Therapy & Foam Rolling

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using the atlas foam roller to stretch the quads, feet and ankles

If you are struggling with the concept of foam rolling & self myofascial release techniques we will help to guide you in the right direction. While all of our moves and methods look complex, We promise that they have been successful in every single Stretch Therapy class thus far. We are sharing our knowledge with you so you can then help by teaching other what you have now mastered.

Foam Rolling Recovery Is Essential!

Our Recovery Science





Myofascial release inhibits the golgi tendon apparatus thus it shuts down the tonicity of over stimulated muscle bundles.
Foam Rolling increases overall cardiac output while decreasing resistance to increasing demand maximums on the vascular system.
Stretch Therapy was created in 2015 that brings together & shaping the art of self-myofascial release.
Use your foam roller to stretch yur quads in very effecive simple ways. In the abouve pict. I am falling back with the dorsal foot hugging the roller.

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