Deep Fascial Massage

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  • Price: $ 69.99
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Students: 1
  • Lesson: 3
using the atlas foam roller and other textured rollers to compress & release deep tissue myofascial knots

What is the difference between a muscle massage and a fascial massage? Muscle massage is very specific to the deep or the deepest layers of the muscle. A fascial massage focuses on the more superficial layers of the fibrous tissue that houses the muscle bundles. A fascial massage helps to stretch, compress and twist the muscle for more function & range-of-motion.

Using 2 foam roller vs. just one roller can supercharge your recovery. In fact adding in a lacrosse ball, a half roller, relaxing music, stretch strap or any other recovery tool can make the session feel as if you are experiencing an endorphin release storm! Feels amazing!


Just for fun use 2 rollers instead of just one to achieve a dynamic rollling experience.
Showing how to use 2 rollers to achieve completely release stubborn facia.
100's of real world examples from various methodologies.
If you have questions we offer real time interaction with a specialized therapist.
Stretch Therapy Dallas proven methods to achieve full function and mobility.
Successful Stretch Therapy case studies from clients are evidence that our methods work & work fast!


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