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Back & Neck Pain Relief

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Back Pain Relief! Hover for Info

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Acute Flare Up

What is causing your back pain to flare up? What causes your neck pain to flare up? It is important to identify why or what causes an acute inflammatory attack. It is suggested to take at least 400-800 mg ibuprofen and rest! This advice is wrong. We do suggest that you take a higher dose advil, however we also suggest deep stretching, foam rolling, a salt bath to rid your body of toxins, essential oil therapy and also hydration therapy.

What We Offer

  1. Posture Assessment
  2. Focused Stretch ROM Assessment
  3. Tailored Stretch Therapy services
  4. Take-home info related to “problem areas”
  5. More flexibility faster than all other programs
  6. Customization of your Stretch Therapy Session
  7. Follow-up “in-home” stretching & foam rolling exercises
  8. You can purchase most of the equipment we use

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Unlimited available Private Stretch Therapy session $70.00
Unlimited available Private Couples Stretch Therapy Session $100.00


Deep Stretch Massage
Choice of Services: Therapeutic or Relaxing
Deep Core Stretch
Deep Hip Stretch
Focused Posture Assessment
Home Exercise Education
Loan out rollers and pads
Improve breathing & depth of breathing
Essential Oils are diffused throughout the session
choice of essential oils
Customized session
We do not use a chest strap for Stretch Movement Control

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