Foam Rolling Benefits

Clients, friends & customers are always asking me, “how did you get into foam rolling?” My answer is simple and complex at the same time. There was nothing special or unique about the first time I discovered foam rolling. I was a 28 year old overweight paramedic, biology major and an ex-athlete at that time. […]

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Misconceptions Common To Foam Rolling & Self-Myofascial Release

 1. "Is a foam roller suitable for lower back pain?"Yes. Foam rollers are complementary for the size, morphology, density and direction of your overall muscle structure (musculoskeletal structure), especially for the lower back muscles that are hard to penetrate. Most lower back pain is associated with muscle tension and disjointedness. The handles on the Atlas Foam Roller allow you to control the amount of pressure you place on your lower back; you can either choose to lightly graze that area or dig in to the deep knots and tension in the dense muscle tissue.Throughout my own experience I have seen [...]

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Product Review

Real Client Review: I am so excited to tell you guys about an awesome product I’ve been using lately! See that big red thing I’ve got behind me? It’s a foam roller. And it isn’t just any foam roller — it’s an Atlas Foam Roller. If you haven’t used a foam roller for your muscle […]

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