How To Use A Lacrosse Ball For Muscle Tension Relief in Glutes

In this video I'm demonstrating how to roll out the glutes and the Calves while including stretch throughout the session. It is important that you release the tension in the glutes and in the upper hamstrings in order to maximize overall flexibility. This is an activity that can be done daily or weekly. There is no time limit to the amount of area you roll out however make sure that you assess whether your body [...]

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Why You Should Focus on Stretching & Foam Rolling in 2019

Injury begins and ends with bad habits that are formed over a long period of time. As active people, working professionals, athletes, mothers and fathers we tend to ignore the signs & symptoms related to pre-injury potential until it is too late. Understanding and identifying the reason you were injured is not as important as the steps you should take to lift yourself out of the compromised state of injury.Factors that play a role in pre-injury include; Over training, poor [...]

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Foam Rolling & Stretching Prevents Injury while Saving Lives

By Mark Harman (owner, EMT-P, BS Biology)Stretch Therapy Dallas“Take Your Recovery To The Next Level!”Taking A Proactive Approach For Healthy Muscles & Joints  Stretching has never been an activity people look forward to or even consider necessary for optimal performance on a daily basis. The act of stretching can be difficult, frustrating, agonizing, painful, confusing and many times boring. Many of us, myself included have done or many still do the bare minimum in order to avoid a catastrophic injury; the irony is, a bunch of small micro tears [...]

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The Vibrating Foam Roller Scam

 Are vibrating foam rollers effective for recovery? Ans: No. The reason that vibrating foam rollers are not good for recovery is because the vibrating mechanism is a distraction & ineffective at the most basic level of the knot or adhesion that is causing discomfort. There is no scientifically based or empirical data that suggests that […]

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Clearing Up Fake Foam Rolling News for 2019

My inbox is filling up with these basic foam rolling “Do’s and Do Not’s.” This article will focus on Truth vs. Myth. After running a successful foam rolling company for over the past 5 years while building my client base through Stretch Therapy out of Dallas, Tx, I am an expert related to foam rolling and self-myofascial release. Although […]

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