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Why is it so difficult to implement effective recovery methods after a tough stressful day or week? Have you become so stiff that you are barely touching your toes or just so far that you have given up? Is your back pain building while your flexibility is worsening? Is it because you are not trying hard enough or is it because you are not using the Stretch Therapy Dallas methods? Speed up your recovery effort by utilizing high quality stretch methods! There are many ways to improve your flexibility using a simple foam roller & a yoga mat while integrating high quality stretch therapy methodologies so you can recover fast! Really Fast!!

Over the past 5 years the Stretch Therapy Dallas program has sought to discover the most powerful & effective ways to recover from injury & chronic range-of-motion issues. When you allow those chronic issues to persist disease settles in limiting your range-of-motion permanently. We have discovered a new way to supercharge your recovery routine by combining the best of foam rolling, stretching, reflexology, QiGong breathing and yoga style methods. Don’t you want instant relief from your back pain, neck pain and general body pain? Foam rolling and stretching in combination are a powerful way to enhance your recovery after a long rigorous workout or training session. The Old Days where you warm up by running mixed with light stretching is over! There is an absolute need to focus on high quality recovery. It is essential when trying to push past your potential in the gym, workplace, at home & recreational activities. Current research suggests that you need to spend a little bit more time in the recovery part of training versus your core focused training regimen. Or, just go sign up for that back surgery, spinal fusion, shoulder repair or knee surgery and suffer in the long run!

Why Is Recovery So Important?

We are constantly bombarded by different mechanical stressors throughout the day other than just the strict workout. A mechanical stressor could be poor sleeping posture, po0r sitting posture, bad standing posture and accumulation of all those habits. Let’s not mention the compromises you make at the gym to get that last mile or achieve that pre-planned weight goal.  Poor posture throughout the day will negatively affect your training goals. Additional chronic or daily mechanical stressors are a result of poor posture as you text & facebook all day long.

Our Stretch Therapy program out of Dallas, Tx can assist in correcting your chronic pain from chronic poor posture. Our Stretch Therapy program focuses on digging deeper into the Stretch experience. Our proprietary deep stretch and muscle massage techniques are rated as a higher quality therapy in the Dallas area. Our tools and methods are unique vs. what is traditionally found in the Dallas-Fort Worth marketplace. We utilize proprietary medium to high density posture pads, kneeling pads, half foam rollers and full foam rollers in order to deliver a consistent deep high quality stretch. Our stretch method takes you off of the table and put you back on to the ground at a therapeutic angle. There are no suffocating straps that go over your chest and stomach. The straps that we use are placed around the ankle and cross over the feet. We have built & utilize the only stretch therapy bar in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for muscle-joint manipulation.  In addition to the deep therapeutic stretch we integrate cold therapy, muscle stimulation therapy, relaxed breathing with essential oils, relaxing music & heat therapy.

Will You Learn Anything?

You will learn more than you can handle through the Stretch Therapy Dallas program! We will teach you how to utilize your own foam roller & recovery tools in order to keep your Stretch Therapy results. In addition to teaching we use high quality software and methods to show where your posture is compromised! Our software was built and certified by doctors in the field. Finally, we always follow-up to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly & supplement you with additional tips & tricks to improve your overall flexibility.

How Do We Compare To Other Stretch Studios?

We are the best in the DFW area! When “Googling” you will find different stretch bar studios or stretch zones facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The results you will experience from those other studios pale in comparison to our program.  Simply said, their method of stretching are nowhere near the quality we utilize & demonstrate. Our Stretch Therapy program is build & based off of an evidence based platform. Those other Stretch Therapy programs are simply assisted stretching with zero guarantees! Our program is much more aggressive & integrates active deep therapeutic stretching, cold therapy, heat therapy, myofascial release & muscle stimulation therapy. How do we effectively stretch you better than the other stretch facilities? Again, we utilize proprietary foam rollers & recovery tools. We use the only stretch therapy bar in the world, we will position you at an optimal angle & roll you out using the only foam roller with handles called “The Atlas Foam Roller”  with other novel proprietary muscle massage and stretch therapy tools.

We can travel to you or you can travel to us. Whether you are at home, on break at your office, working out in your favorite gym or feeling your favorite spot in the Dallas-Fort Worth area we will travel to you! We stretch out individuals, couples, and very small to large groups. Stretch Therapy Dallas has been in business for over 5 years. We continue implement new ways to manipulate the bones, tendons, muscles and joints. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stretch or a therapeutic stretch our program will accommodate your experience.

The Stretch Therapy methods improve flexibility & range-of-motion fast. If you can’t touch your toes you will be able to touch your toes after 1 or more sessions!Most of our clients that had trouble reaching their toes or palming the floor achieve their goals after 4-6 sessions. Some of our clients achieve their goals faster. Whether you are an athlete looking for a high quality relaxing stretch after a game, a construction worker, a full time parent or training for an approaching competition we accommodate your needs. Whether you are a working mother, Dad, student, veteran or just an ordinary hard-working Dallas Texan our stretch therapy services will definitely meet your needs.

How Are We Different?

We are different because we utilize proprietary equipment that none of the stretch therapy locations in Dallas have. Are methods take you up off the ground delivering spinal and sacral support and we integrate in older chickon muscle massage and deep breathing methods. Beautilize relaxing music in essential oils throughout the private session. In addition, we also have postural assessments for the first session, amid and vinyl session to demonstrate improve that are stretch therapy methods work. The other programs in Dallas are simply an assisted stretch that is very limiting in the overall recovery capacity that you will experience. Those programs like stretch zone And the stretch bar utilize old very simplistic methods of stretch. Over the past 5 years we have seen close to 1,000 people through the program and we have learned how to manipulate the muscle, tendons and bones in order to deliver the highest quality stretch that you experience in your lifetime. What are you waiting for? More flexibility can be yours!

What Do We Offer? 

Client satisfaction is our main goal. We want our clients to feel a 5 star experience each time they book a session. Another goal is making sure that our clients feel extremely relaxed at the start of the session. We cater to their needs regardless of the oddity of the request. For instance, one of our clients asked to always be sitting up or at an incline throughout the session because lying flat brings on anxiety. below is a list of the amenities that we offer to all clients:

  • Postural Assessment
  • Stand & Reach Assessment before/after
  • Sit & Reach Posture Assessment before/after
  • Diffuse Essential Oils
  • Relaxing music of their choice
  • Tailored Stretch Session positioning (ie. we situate the posture support pads for optiaml comfort much like the chiropractic tables)
  • Foam Rolling & Stretching homework & tips/tricks
  • Follow-up coaching
  • Follow-up anti-inflammatory aids & natural remedies
  • Cold Therapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Marc Pro Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Check out our Google reviews and our other five star reviews. please call us with any questions that you have about our services. We are flexible! You can either travel to us or we can travel to you. Remember, whether you’re at a hotel, apartment, home, park or your place of business we can bring the Stretch Therapy relief conveniently to you. We utilize deep stretching, muscle stimulation therapy using the mark Pro unit, cold therapy and heat therapy. Additionally, throughout the session we blast essential oils and other sensory manipulators that optimize relaxation  throughout the session thus assist in making the therapy feel amazing!

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