Yes Atlas Stretch Therapy Was Featured In The Observer!

The Dallas observer featured Atlas Stretch Therapy as an  effective alternative way to improve athletic performance. They agree that performance can be improved by using a foam roller combined with stretching. Both assist in recovery from a hard workout, back injury and much more. Stretch Therapy in Dallas is the best way to recover from back […]

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How The Foam Rolling Trend Is Catching On

The Atlas Foam Roller represents American ingenuity at its best. Its quality unique features, and ease of use make it by far one the best foam rollers in the market. So what is it? Well, a foam roller helps with something called self-myofascial release.  Basically, it’s self-massage for your muscles, to help with tension, knots and […]

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The Best Time To Foam Roll & Why Foam Rolling Matters

Over the past year and a half my clients would commonly ask me many questions related to the health benefits & technical yet vague theories that are known or are currently being investigated related to the health benefits of foam rolling. As a burgeoning professional of self-myofasical release at those early stages I did not […]

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Why A Smooth Non-Textured Foam Roller Is Preferred

  “We can all agree a smooth car ride is more enjoyable than a bumpy inconsistent trip to your favorite destination. Foam rolling should be an extremely enjoyable experience, that is why smooth instead of textured rollers are still #1.”  Mark Harman Throughout my journey to find the best foam rolling & back pain therapy […]

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