Stretch Therapy Injury Recovery in Dallas

Why is it so difficult to implement effective recovery methods after a tough stressful day or week? Have you become so stiff that you are barely touching your toes or just so far that you have given up? Is your back pain building while your flexibility is worsening? Is it because you are not trying hard enough or is it because you are not using the Stretch Therapy Dallas methods? Speed up your recovery effort by utilizing high quality stretch methods! There are many ways to improve your flexibility using a simple foam roller & a yoga mat while [...]

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How Foam Rolling & Stretching will Improve Your Health in 2019

"Foam rolling is not all about just grab your foam roller and roll-out in a gym! You can foam roll anywhere at anytime you have pain."What are the benefits of foam rolling?The benefits of foam rolling is wrapped up in a pretty simple concise statement, "it's better to foam roll then not to foam roll." Foam rolling has been around for thousands of years. Foam rolling began under and throughout different Chinese dynasties under the auspices of the practice of Qi Gong. In fact QiGong was the very first type of stretching and body manipulation that improved the [...]

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We Offer Muscle Pain Relief With The MARC PRO Muscle STIM-UNIT

What is the MARC pro plus unit?The MARC pro plus unit is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. The MARC pro plus is used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder waist back neck, upper extremities, and lower extremities due to strain from exercise and normal household and work activities.Is it FDA Approved? YESHow does the MARC pro assist [...]

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Health Benefits Of Deep High Quality Stretching in 2019

In this video we are demonstrating how The Stretch bar can be utilized for overall support of recovery and inducing more flexibility while giving you relief from muscle tension and pain relief. In Stretch bar is a muscle and joint manipulator it helps to increase the length of muscle tissue that is either convoluted, [...]

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How To Use A Lacrosse Ball For Muscle Tension Relief in Glutes

In this video I'm demonstrating how to roll out the glutes and the Calves while including stretch throughout the session. It is important that you release the tension in the glutes and in the upper hamstrings in order to maximize overall flexibility. This is an activity that can be done daily or weekly. There is no time limit to the amount of area you roll out however make sure that you assess whether your body [...]

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Why You Should Focus on Stretching & Foam Rolling in 2019

Injury begins and ends with bad habits that are formed over a long period of time. As active people, working professionals, athletes, mothers and fathers we tend to ignore the signs & symptoms related to pre-injury potential until it is too late. Understanding and identifying the reason you were injured is not as important as the steps you should take to lift yourself out of the compromised state of injury.Factors that play a role in pre-injury include; Over training, poor [...]

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Foam Rolling & Stretching Prevents Injury while Saving Lives

By Mark Harman (owner, EMT-P, BS Biology)Stretch Therapy Dallas“Take Your Recovery To The Next Level!”Taking A Proactive Approach For Healthy Muscles & Joints  Stretching has never been an activity people look forward to or even consider necessary for optimal performance on a daily basis. The act of stretching can be difficult, frustrating, agonizing, painful, confusing and many times boring. Many of us, myself included have done or many still do the bare minimum in order to avoid a catastrophic injury; the irony is, a bunch of small micro tears [...]

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