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Time for your morning, afternoon & evening stretch massage! Let us stretch you, roll you and wake you up & calm you down by releasing those endorphin’s that mix well with your morning, afternoon & evening coffee. We will having you feel good…. no no no no… we will make you feel amazingly relaxed & alert as if you spent 50-min getting a morning massage for only $15/person!!! The above picture represents the “Stretch Bar” that everyone is addicted to! This bar is under a provisional patent, so it is specific only to this class. The Stretch Bar will manipulated muscle and joints so that you can get the fullest stretch possible as you are receiving myofascial massage release in the hips, glutes, quads and spine. Also, Make sure to scroll down to see real client pictures that demonstrate within a single session they were able to finally touch their toes while some went even further! I guarantee that the methods used are as effective or more effective than claimed! “That can’t be so?” I will explain….

back pain treatments in Dallas, Tx

All group & private sessions begins by finding out where you have soreness, tightness, whether you have muscle injuries or limitations. We then begin by combining the best techniques in foam rolling & low impact static/dynamic stretch that I have developed over the course of 2 years! The combination of foam rolling and stretching will eliminate alleviate your “tightness complaint” so you can achieve your full fitness potential in all the other fitness related and non-fitness related activities you enjoy daily. And why does that benefit you? This “Foam Rolling Fitness and Stretch Training” class is known as an exciting new way to stretch or even think about low impact stretching with extremely effective results!



Again, what does this class offer you that the other group foam rolling or stretching classes do not ? First and foremost effective instruction based off of means testing. We will address your unique pain compliant and attack it until you regain circulation, function and range of motion. We will then teach you unique foam rolling skills so you can take that education home with you. Eventually you will be able to easily foam roll & stretch your muscle aches and pains into submission that has built up from other strength training classes, desk work, walking or labor intensive jobs. The more effective the manipulation of this foam rolling integrated stretch therapy technique is, it will be a tool you can use to absolutely recover with precision so that you circumvent injury. Whether it is wall-foam rolling, reflexology training or the traditional “floor foam rolling we will do it all.

Our evolving techniques will improve your core strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and muscle coordination. Remember, the goal is to make sure you feel good throughout this class, including the dreaded 48-hour post-workout. This class is both fast and slow moving so that you get the full potential out of it. Foam Rollers, Knee pads, neck pads, wrist & ankle straps, yoga mats, lumbar pads and diffused essential oils are part of the experience that you can feel comfortable and breathe with ease. Give this class a try because all you have to lose is that annoying back pain!

Every Sunday at  4:30 pm

Email us to sign up!

Sunday Only!! More available times coming soon!
$20 (per person)
(55-min Group Stretch Therapy Session)
(1 Hour individual Focused Therapy Session $70)

Sunday:  4:30 pm
(every week)

 Monday: 6:00 am (every week)

$70 (February Special)- Couples only. Any relationship status of the couple. Married & Non-Married Couples.

$30 – 30 min Atlas Roller full body massage (focus in on problem areas- add-on or I travel to you!)

Real Client Results In A Single Session!

Foam Rolling Recovery Is Essential!






Back Pain Relief in Dallas using the Atlas Stretch Therapy Methods

Your Stretch Therapy Trainer – Mark

foam rolling instructor

My self-massage tools, exercise equipment and methods are not like other brands or studios. The foam rolling and exercise methods are thoroughly tested and proven to work! I guarantee the quality and effectiveness of my equipment and services. By the end of your first session you will reach 2″ in. further than you have in a long time!” – Mark H. (Inventor/Founder)”

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[email protected]



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Hello everyone Mark Harman from Dallas, Texas. Other than owning Living Organically Valuing Exercise LLC. I am a full time Paramedic. Paramedicine along with my BS in biology has taught me a lot about the body in health and disease. I am enthusiastically obsessed with foam rolling and self-myofascial release therapies and techniques. My passion grows everyday.

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  1. Matthew August 28, 2016 at 1:52 am

    Best class in Dallas if you want to improve your overall muscle health and gain tons of flexibility! I am hooked.

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