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The “Atlas Foam Roller” is a lightweight hand crafted high quality handheld foam roller made in USA. The benefit of using a foam roller with handles & high precision ball bearings allows you to achieve a smooth & effective foam rolling experience. Dig deeper faster into myofascial  knots known as a muscle adhesion’s. This foam roller is light weight & easier to handle compared to all other foam rollers. This roller quickly realigns your muscles with more precision in less time vs. standard foam rollers. The core is 2x-reinforced, includes steel ball bearing technology”Stretch Therapy Classes.

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"Our hand crafted self-massaging foam rollers combined with our stretching techniques are not like any other brands. The foam rolling and stretch therapy methods are thoroughly tested & proven to work. We guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our therapy equipment and services." -Mark H.

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Shop Our Foam Rollers and learn more by Subscribing to our YouTube Channel Do you wake up everyday feeling tight or just feeling older than dirt? Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff or tight all the time? Have you been able to touch your toes or are you able to touch the [...]
Why is it so difficult to implement effective recovery methods after a tough stressful day or week? Have you become so stiff that you are barely touching your toes or just so far that you have given up? Is your back pain building while your flexibility is worsening? Is it because you are not trying [...]